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Quality standards

  • Customer specification
    - Bespoken Projects
  • Assemblies in accordance with IPC specifications
    - IPC 610A/D – The most widely electronics assembly standard in the world
    - IPC/WHMA-A-620 - Mequirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
  • Assemblies in accordance with MIL specifications
    - Mill 26482/VG 95234/VG 95328 - Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices - Connectors with bayonet coupling up to 13 A.
    - Mill 38999 I,II and III - Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices. Circular connectors with threaded coupling and removable crimp contacts, wall mounting flange
    - And others…

Quality Policy

  • Preparation of quality
  • Processes are under 5S, LM → CIS
  • As a standard it is 100% of control:
    Functional tests, according to the given table of connection
    - Electrical tests:
    - LV and HV, by means of hardware and software tools
    - Editable rising and falling voltage characteristic
  • Each pcs is verified acc. to the agreed procedure and required functions

Three levels of SCM are realised:

  • Operational
  • Technical / Tactical
  • Stategic

SCM in the range of:

  • Connectors, switches, special parts
  • Raw materials: granulate, PCV, PUR, others
  • Mechanical parts purchased mostly locally

PQM system currently is based on:

  • ISO 9001 /ISO 14001
  • 5S
  • LM (Lean Manufacturing)
  • FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)
  • CIS (Continuous Improvement System)
  • MRP system - Baan

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